Monday, June 9, 2014

Books Reach Mascota Hospital for Children in Nicaragua

University of Massachusetts, Amherst student Kimberly Brown spent a week in Managua, Nicaragua this past May exploring a partnership between Reader to Reader and Health Volunteers Overseas. Both organizations promote education through lasting connections worldwide, and are made possible through a high number of volunteers. On her return, Kim wrote to us:

"Thanks to Reader to Reader, I was able to distribute over 200 books to patients, families, volunteers and employees at Managua’s Mascota Hospital for Children during a medical mission sponsored by Health Volunteers Overseas. A portion of the books, which ranged from preschool to second-grade reading levels in both English and Spanish, are in the hospital’s rehabilitation facilities and will be used to continue creating a child-life program."

This connection between like-minded education organizations hopes to achieve the dual goals of increasing knowledge and literacy, both medical and otherwise, in some of the poorest parts of Nicaragua. With the help and support of our partners at Mascota Hospital for Children and the eagerness of the surrounding community to learn and thrive through education, this new connection has produced very promising results that look forward to making this trip an annual event.

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