Monday, February 22, 2010

37,000 Books Donated to New Mexico Schools

Half-a-Million Dollars Worth of Books Boost Gallup-McKinley County Schools

The school children of the Gallup-McKinley County Public Schools will get a major boost thanks to a massive book donation from the Massachusetts-based charity Reader To Reader, Inc.

Reader To Reader is donating 37,000 new books for grades kindergarten through grade 12 with a total value of half-a-million dollars. The books are being provided by Follett Educational Services. The first shipment of 22 pallets of books recently arrived, and a second shipment 22 pallet shipment will be arriving February 23, 2010.

“We hope this major book donation will give a real boost to the resources of the 35 schools in the Gallup-McKinley County Public Schools district, including 11 school on the Navajo Reservation” says David Mazor, founder and executive director of Reader of Reader. “We had the option of donating these books to any school district in the country but we selected Gallup-McKinley County Public Schools due our strong relationship with Navajo Pine High School in Navajo, NM.”

Reader to Reader has a long history of working with Gallup-McKinley County Schools, having previously donated over $100,000 in books and $50,000 worth of computers over the past decade to Navajo Pine High School in Navajo, New Mexico.

"Librarians across Gallup and McKinley County have been flocking in to pick up books from the Reader to Reader donation,” says Carol Sarath, Library Media Coordinator for Gallup McKinley County Schools. “I have never seen such excitement. They have been bringing trucks, husbands and custodians to help them haul away books by the box-full. The elementary dictionaries have been especially popular, but all of the books have been flying off the tables. Books are also being distributed to other schools beyond the 35 Public Schools in the county."

“Follett Educational Services (FES) is excited to be able to work once again with Reader to Reader in support of their efforts to provide educational resources for students who need them the most,” says Cornell Rollins, Vice President of Marketing at FES. “By providing materials to the libraries and classrooms in the Gallup-McKinley School District, we hope to promote lifetime learning and an enduring passion for reading.”

Monday, February 15, 2010

Native-American Students Enjoy Sherman Alexie Novel

It is with sincere appreciation that we are writing to thank you for the donation of 100 copies of Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. His award-winning book is sought after by high school media centers because of the way teenage students can relate to it.

Being a 100% American Indian school, we especially like to carry books by Native American authors. I have purchased copies in the past, but all had gotten lost when students have moved away, so this was an especially wonderful gift!

When I opened the boxes in front of staff and students, I heard, "Ooooohs!" and lots of comments that they had heard of this book and wanted to read it. I grabbed my camera a couple times and am attaching some pictures as well. I gave some to reading and English classrooms to read as a class, some to send home at the teacher's discretion, and put several in the Media Center collection.

It will help my book budget costs immensely!

Thank you again on behalf of the students of Red Lake High School.


Diane Sullivan-Huberty
Media Specialist
Red Lake High School
Red Lake, MN

Monday, February 8, 2010

Why Not Do What You Love?

We are so pleased to be featured in Martha Johnson’s wonderful new book Why Not Do What You Love? An Invitation to Calling and Contribution in a World Hungry for Your Gifts.

“A timely and important book that speaks to the longing in people’s hearts for meaning in their lives! With questions, inspiration, real-life examples, and get-on-with-it guidance you are offered the joyful opportunity to choose a life you’ll love.”

We couldn’t agree more! You can find this great book on

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mentoring: "It's Very Rewarding"

Spring semester Amherst College Reading Mentors gathered together for fresh-baked cookies and program orientation as they kick off their mentoring in the Doris Hiatt Mentoring Program.

"Reading books with these kids helps me to look at my own reading in a new way." notes Emmy Pierce, an Amherst College junior that is in her third year as a Reading Mentor. "When I'm thinking of ways to engage the students at Springfield High School or Navajo Pine High, I have to keep in mind that they're probably relating to the same book in a completely different way. It's a challenge, but when I do it right and get an engaged response, it's very rewarding."

Reader To Reader's Doris Hiatt Mentoring Program and Navajo Mentoring Program bring together over 300 children from low-income backgrounds and Amherst College student Reading Mentors to read books and discuss them online in a specially designed forum. The students not only receive positive feedback and academic support, but also much-needed role models.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doorfront Library Boosts Neigborhood

Hello everyone -

Today was the opening of our small library in our neighborhood for the children, as access to a library or (sometimes even books) is non-existent in the area which I live in New Orleans.

I have included pictures of our little doorfront "library" and some of the boys and girls who live in the neighborhood. All the boys came today for their books to checkout and were very excited to have this opportunity. The older boys got to write their names and the name of the books in the check out book and have a promise of a superhero sticker if the books they take out are returned on time and in good condition. It was a beautiful experience and I hope to be able to have more books for them.

The ages of the children are between 3 and 11. There are 3 girls and about 10 boys. I would like to be able to serve these wonderful boys and girls through reading and if the fatigue I experience is not too great, then in the summer, arts and crafts projects.

With much love,