Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doorfront Library Boosts Neigborhood

Hello everyone -

Today was the opening of our small library in our neighborhood for the children, as access to a library or (sometimes even books) is non-existent in the area which I live in New Orleans.

I have included pictures of our little doorfront "library" and some of the boys and girls who live in the neighborhood. All the boys came today for their books to checkout and were very excited to have this opportunity. The older boys got to write their names and the name of the books in the check out book and have a promise of a superhero sticker if the books they take out are returned on time and in good condition. It was a beautiful experience and I hope to be able to have more books for them.

The ages of the children are between 3 and 11. There are 3 girls and about 10 boys. I would like to be able to serve these wonderful boys and girls through reading and if the fatigue I experience is not too great, then in the summer, arts and crafts projects.

With much love,


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