Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mentoring: "It's Very Rewarding"

Spring semester Amherst College Reading Mentors gathered together for fresh-baked cookies and program orientation as they kick off their mentoring in the Doris Hiatt Mentoring Program.

"Reading books with these kids helps me to look at my own reading in a new way." notes Emmy Pierce, an Amherst College junior that is in her third year as a Reading Mentor. "When I'm thinking of ways to engage the students at Springfield High School or Navajo Pine High, I have to keep in mind that they're probably relating to the same book in a completely different way. It's a challenge, but when I do it right and get an engaged response, it's very rewarding."

Reader To Reader's Doris Hiatt Mentoring Program and Navajo Mentoring Program bring together over 300 children from low-income backgrounds and Amherst College student Reading Mentors to read books and discuss them online in a specially designed forum. The students not only receive positive feedback and academic support, but also much-needed role models.

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