Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Meet Volunteer Ann Greene

Ann Greene faithfully volunteers two to three days a week. She sorts books year in and and year out, so that each school gets the books they need. Thanks Anne, for all your hard work. We couldn't do it without you!)

"Four years have gone by! Sorting, stacking and packing all the donated books. I started volunteering after reading an article about Reader To Reader and was grabbed by the comcept... to get books into kids' hands! As it turns out, our books go to all age groups--pre-school to adult programs.

For me, it is fun getting acquainted with the series books--from Nancy Drew to MacHale's Pendragon, to the Warrior Series to Robert Jordon's Wheel of Time. It is very rewarding reading thank you letters from schools. Right now a gorgeous turquoise thank-you poster from Navajo Pine High School is displayed in our office!"


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