Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Reader to Reader Donates Thousands of Books to Mississippi’s Public Libraries

Those who use their library regularly know how great it is to find new books on the shelves. That’s why we are so pleased to announce Reader to Reader’s Mississippi Book Project is bringing thousands of new mystery novels to public libraries throughout Mississippi.

The donation comes thanks to the generosity of book publisher SOHO Press, which has donated thousands of its mystery titles for the effort.

“We are very grateful to SOHO Press for making this donation possible,” Reader to Reader executive director David Mazor said. “SOHO Press has so many outstanding titles and series that mystery fans love, and we are excited that we can bring them to libraries throughout Mississippi.”

Reader to Reader’s Mississippi Book project was launched in 2002, and has brought tens of thousands of books to schools and public libraries across the state.

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Melissa Coles said...

Wonderful! Reader to Reader is a caring, generous organization. I am so glad to see this report on their donations to Mississippi's public libraries!