Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Receiving your generous boxes of books is the gift that keeps giving!

What you see above is half of the GIANT card a teacher from Moos Elementary in Chicago, Illinois mailed us in thanks for sending books!

Dear Reader to Reader,
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
Receiving your generous boxes of books is the gift that keeps giving--my students are excited about finding new books and aiming for chapter books. Enclosed is their heartfelt thanks. It was very difficult to start the year as I had very few books and my students were reading on all different levels and in different languages. You have not only started our library, but you have taught myself and my students a lesson in generosity and sharing. “Thank you” is an understatement.
Read on!
Ms. Freedman and room 216 Moosketeers
Moose Elementary, Chicago, IL

Her students sent their thanks as well. Here’s a sampling:

Thank you for the big pack of books that you gave us. I love the books. I loved the chapter books and the animal books and the fiction and nonfiction. My favorite book was Toy Story!
Sincerely, Christian

Thank you for the books, I really like all of them. I read two books you gave! Thank you very much for the books. They were very nice and I really like the Dragon in a Wagon. It is very nice and I like all of the books. I hope you have a nice day Mr. Mazor, I really like all of your books.

Thank you for the books you send us. The book I liked was Lizzie For President. I liked it a lot. Thank you for sending it, I really enjoyed it a lot. I am going to read a lot and thank you again!

We are so pleased to support such energetic readers! Enjoy your new books!

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