Friday, September 20, 2013

Thank you for your continued support in improving student achievement

Dear Reader to Reader:

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of Tougaloo College, we would like to personally thank you for the Basic Mathematics textbook donation of 200 textbooks. The students and parents of the community have found the textbook to be invaluable and a great resource of foundational skills in mathematics.

We look forward to your continued support in providing any additional textbooks that would not only enhance the initiatives for our first year students, but also our outreach communities to reach our preservice and in-service teachers with a supplement for the Common Core State Standards, afterschool tutoring programs, and upperclassmen that need a refresher. Students must have a foundation in mathematics in order to extend the concepts outside the classroom to connect with real-life applications. Your textbook has been a proven and effective model in providing teachers with the needed tools to reinforce and remediate concepts in the targeted areas, thereby covering more materials, and teaching more in-depth.

Thank you for your continued support in improving student achievement.

Demetria White
Instructional Technologist/Assistant Professor Mathematics
Tougaloo College
Tougaloo, Mississippi

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