Tuesday, January 31, 2012

St. Michael Indian School Gets Rejuvenated Library

(Reader to Reader sent 40 boxes of books to help rejuvenate the St. Michael Indian School Library. The school is located on the Navajo Nation in St. Michaels, Arizona. The donation of 1,470 books has a total value of $16,000.)

Dear Reader to Reader,

Thank you so much!! The books are phenomenal that you sent. Every time a student comes in the library, they are shocked by the quantity and the quality of our new books! This will definitely help our students' love of reading develop, and it is making our library stronger.

I'm currently working on cataloging and finding shelving for all of the books. I'm having a wonderful time; I couldn't wait to come back to work from break! The next time you see our library, it will be unrecognizable from when you first saw it.

Thank you!

Melissa Coles
St. Michael Indian School
St. Michaels, Arizona

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