Monday, March 29, 2010

Bar Mitzvah Project Brings Mountain of Books

A special thank you to Benji Dukas of Teaneck, NJ, for the children’s books drive he ran as his Bar Mitzvah project.

Benji's dedicated collecting and sorting yielded 18 boxes of outstanding books that will benefit thousands of children.

“I wanted to help children who aren’t as fortunate as me be able to enjoy reading like I do,” Benji Dukas Said.

Benji is a 7th grade student at Yavneh Academy, a Jewish Day School, in Paramus, NJ.

In choosing his project his parents felt strongly that they wanted his Bar Mitzvah celebration to include a project that helped others, and as an avid reader, a book drive was a perfect fit for Benji. He wrote a letter, which we included in his invitations asking people to participate. A notice was included in the school’s email newsletter for a number of weeks, and he also used Facebook to get the word out. Benji sorted the books by age and eliminated the ones that were not in sufficiently good condition. The result was a terrific assortment of books in great condition.

Congratulations to Benji for the outstanding job he did, and the wonderful gift of books that he is bringing to so many children.

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Kat Libby said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm so excited to see what's in the boxes, as I know the librarians, teachers and students who receive them will be!!