Sunday, October 5, 2008

Navajo Pine Students Arrive in Amherst

Navajo Pine High School students have arrived in Amherst after a long day flying from New Mexico. The students will be spending a very exciting week learning about college life and a host of careers that come from going to college. The trip is a part of Reader To Reader’s Navajo Mentoring Program, which works with students on the Navajo Reservation.

Here they settle into their bed and breakfast and enjoy some midnight pizza. The pizza drew a thumbs up.

The students all agreed one thing; they are ready for an adventure.

First thing in the morning they will be up and running visiting Channel 40 TV in Springfield to learn about broadcast journalism. Then they will head to the Basketball Hall of Fame followed by Six Flags New England. They will finish it with a dinner at The Pub Restaurant in Amherst.

Now that’s an exciting day!

P.S. Three cheers for Exclusive Car Service for donating airport pickup in their cushy limo bus.

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