Monday, October 6, 2008

The Adventure Begins

8:00am at Emily’s Bed and Breakfast in Amherst, MA. Time to start our day.

The first day of our Navajo Pine High School student visit to Amherst was quite an adventure. Our goals: Experience a bit of New England; learn about an interesting career, and have some fun on a gorgeous fall day.

The students started their day learning about broadcast journalism from Faye Hoffman, the morning anchorwoman at Channel 40 TV.

Then we headed to the Basketball Hall of Fame where the students explored the interactive exhibits. We had a very interesting group discussion on the kind of drive you need to be a journalist or a Hall of Fame basketball player. Hmm, that seems to be a theme!

Then we were off to Six Flags New England for another theme: Life has to be fun!

We finished our day with a fabulous dinner at The Pub in Amherst. We ate until we were bursting!

We thank Channel 40 TV for donating their time, The Basketball Hall of Fame for giving us free tours and the fabulous lunch from Max’s, and The Pub for generously donating an incredible dinner.

Now on to day two!

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