Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Passionate Teacher Using Innovative Methods

A special salute to a very passionate teacher, Sheila O’Gorman, at John L. Marsh Elementary School in Chicago.

Even during the summer she is using innovative methods to boost her students’ reading levels.

Last year, O’Gorman had the bright idea to get the kids hooked on reading through audio books they listen to on iPods while reading along with books donated by Reader To Reader. The kids love the iPods because they “look cool” and they are reading up a storm.

Now the kids are reading on their own without the audio aids.

“The kids are really enjoying reading the many, many books you sent with the last request, a lot of Goosebumps which my boys love,” she reports.

Next up for the kids are classics from Twain, Dickens, Stevenson and H.G. Wells. We are busy gathering the books together and she has her iPods at the ready. (She needs a few more iPods if you would like to donate.)

Keep up the great work Sheila! Your innovative methods are making a difference.

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