Monday, July 14, 2008

Navajo Summer Reading Program Going Strong

Citizen Summer intern Samia Hesni reads a book before correspond-ing with Navajo Pine High School students participating in the Summer Reader Program.

All the students in the Navajo Mentoring Program were given seven books each of their choosing in order to encourage them to read during their summer vacation.

Although Internet access is limited or nonexistent for many of these students, those that have been able to get to a computer have reported that they are reading up a storm. One student already finished all seven of her books during the first month and we ordered three more books to be shipped to her from

Here's a comment from one of the enthusiastic students:

"Hello, I finally got to a computer so now I just thought I would tell you about a great book I have read. The book I read is from the books that Mr. Mazor sent and is called Black and White. It was a great book and now I have started on another. Can you believe it? The books that Mr. Mazor sent are so interesting and can't wait to read them all."

We are so pleased to hear from these students and hope they have a fantastic summer filled with the pleasures of a good book.

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