Monday, September 25, 2017

Reader to Reader Expands Staff

We are pleased to expand our staff this academic year with the help of AmeriCorps and Commonwealth Corps.

New to Reader to Reader are Olivia Rossetti, our AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring, and Jennifer Kim and Ha Ram Hwang, who are in Massachusetts's Commonwealth Corps. Our gratitude goes out to Mass Mentoring Partnership and the Massachusetts Service Alliance for these opportunities.

Jennifer and Ha Ram are 2017 graduates of Amherst College, and Olivia is a 2017 graduate of Smith College.

They bring energy, skills and ideas that we so greatly appreciate.

All three are our working as our Mentor Coordinators, helping our Read, Think, Share mentoring program continue to expand. The program is now one of the largest academic mentoring programs in Massachusetts, working with over 1,500 adolescents as they participate in a year-long reading intervention aimed at boosting their literacy, critical reasoning, and writing skills.

Jennifer, Ha Ram and Olivia also aid in hiring and supervising the over 210 (and growing) college student reading mentors that are the backbone of the program.

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