Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

From the Tasha Community Library in Nigeria:

“I have received the shipment of the books, I am grateful.

Recently, my librarian shared a story with me of a boy who visited the library and stole the book he was reading, simply because he so much loved the story book that he could not finish reading the book before the library closed. Unknown to the young child of about 7 years, the librarian had planned to ask him for the book when next he visits the library. Just after two days, the mother of the child came apologizing to our librarian for her child and his obsession for books, thanks to the colorful books you are sharing with us. The books are doing great stuff."

"Stories like this are resonating in our libraries and we are working hard to sustain the interest of these underserved kids in reading and learning everything they could.

I noticed you gave us two copies of Dr. Seuss's " Oh, The Places You'll Go!" The book has inspired a lot of the children during our reading sessions.

Please see attached pictures of the Reader to Reader banner at Tasha Community Library.”

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