Tuesday, August 5, 2014

17,000 Book on the Way to the Navajo Nation

A hard-working team of Reader to Reader staff, Navajo Nation Library staff, and local volunteers loaded a 26-foot truck with 17,000 books and 24 computers.The truck is now on a 5-day, 2,331 mile journey to the Navajo Nation Library in Window Rock, Arizona. 

The books and computers will be donated to schools and libraries all across the Navajo Nation.

This is Reader to Reader's 7th year partnering with the Navajo Nation Library to bring books to schools and libraries on the Navajo Nation in Arizona and New Mexico.Twice a year, Navajo Nation Library representatives travel to Amherst, Mass. to pick up a truck load of books and drive it back home. 

Last year marked 120,000 books donated, and we continue to build on that number with each new truck load. 

Since 2003, Reader to Reader has donated over $2.5 million-worth of books, hundreds of computers, and thousands of schools supplies to every corner of the 27,000 square-mile Navajo Nation.

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