Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Helping Spanish-Speaking Parents Map a Blueprint for Success

This spring, Reader to Reader has launched a new series of workshops in Holyoke, Massachusetts that help Spanish-speaking immigrant parents understand the college application process.

The program is conducted in Spanish and teaches about financial aid, college-matching, the application process, and how best to motivate and prepare their children for college.

“One of the gaps we have found is in the knowledge-base of immigrant parents,” Reader to Reader’s executive director David Mazor says. “The U.S. system is very different than in Puerto Rico and parents need a comprehensive program so they can assist and advise their children. Since applying for college is a multi-generational process, requiring among other things timely financial information from the parents, it is essential that they understand how the system works. We are pleased to have created a fun, educational program that explores all aspects of the college application process.”

Much of the material needed to understand U.S. higher education is not available in Spanish, so Reader to Reader has been creating and translating materials that cover a wide variety of topics.

The workshops are held over the course of 8 weeks and include field trips to college campuses.

In addition to working with Reader to Reader staff, weekly guest speakers include admissions and financial aid officers from local colleges.

Support for Blueprint for Success comes from John & Elizabeth Armstrong, and the Holyoke Public Schools.

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