Friday, February 7, 2014

A Night of Roses and Fun! Mentor Appreciation Night 2014

Sylvia Ngo, a Reader to Reader mentor with four years of mentoring under her belt, shares her impressions of a recent mentor appreciation event. In the picture (L to R): Sylvia Ngo, Megan Duff, Ashley Hall, and Danielle Trevino.

On Monday, January 27, 2014, Reader to Reader hosted a Mentor Appreciation Night, promising mentors a fun study break after a hectic first few days of classes. In attendance were head honchos Kat Libby, Dennis Quinn, Rebecca Cubells, and a revolving door of mentors. There was delicious cake, hot cider, hot chocolate, and best of all, camaraderie. Arriving mentors were greeted with cheerful hellos, glad you could make it, and a human scavenger hunt. In order to complete the scavenger hunt, mentors had to ask around and collect the names of fellow mentors to whom the facts listed on the sheet applied, like “who’s missing an organ” or “who saw the original Book of Kells.” The stumper of the evening: find someone who has never eaten at McDonald’s. We could not.

The evening ended with a speech from Dennis, who thanked the mentors for their hard work and for the difference they made in the lives of students. Soon to be graduating mentors were honored with special shout-outs: each senior mentor present was called up to the stage, bestowed with a lively and apt title —such as Duckling Extraordinaire, Deputy Queen of the Garage, or Official Revolutionary— and a single red rose. Between the cakes, the much appreciated hot drinks, the great company, and the heartfelt recognition, there was, indeed, much appreciation shown to the mentors.

Mentor Appreciation Night was made possible by a grant from the Mass Mentoring Partnership.

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