Monday, December 9, 2013

Meet Jayquan: Read, Think, Share Student

 Meet Jayquan, a junior at Central High School in Springfield and graduate of our Read, Think, Share mentoring program.  Last year Jayquan worked hard with our mentors to improve his writing and reading skills. Here’s what he has to say about what Read, Think, Share meant to him:

How has the program had an impact in your life?

The program has helped me a lot on spelling, grammar, and how to respond back to complex questions. Another thing the program has helped me on is how I write. I am enrolled in an AP (advance placement) writing class which is very difficult but I'm getting a B+ in the class and I believe my writing skills would have never met the challenge without this program.

What is your favorite thing about the mentoring program?

My favorite part of the mentoring program was when we went to go see our mentors and spent a day with them and discussed our books. It was so intriguing to expand our learning and knowledge towards books. We would have full conversations that people from the other side of the room would jump in to share their input.

If you could say one thing to a student starting the program next year, what would it be?

Put your all into trying your best in this program because 11th grade writing is not easy at all! Be motivated to write back to the mentors because it is very useful in the future.

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