Monday, December 3, 2012

The quality of the books is stunning!

Dear Reader to Reader Team,

The students here could hardly walk by the books you sent without asking for one, two, or more. How could it be other-wise, as the selections you sent are so engaging! As our literacy scores are not tops, it is truly exciting to see. I think your mission's intentions hit the mark here at Pinehill, NM.

The quality of the books is stunning. I know many of my art books are difficult acquisitions, as they are so valuable and expensive.

The classics and many of the high caliber books will find a home in our library, along side the many hard-covered books you sent. Our librarian is ecstatic! As it is, she grabbed the Native American titles and immediately put them out in celebration of our Native American Heritage month.

The paperback selections are golden and will be used as rewards for good academic progress. I had to defend them from many of our teachers. THEY wanted copies! Personally, it was hard to pass by some of the science fiction titles.

Thank you for all the work you are doing for the world's marginalized students. I know you are making a huge different in the quality of life and futures of many. You deal in pleasure and potential in the best of bases; warm, concerned, and beautiful human intention.

Thank you so very much! So very, very much!

Deer Maitre
Visual Arts, K-12
Pine Hill Schools
Pine Hill, New Mexico

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