Monday, May 28, 2012

Kayenta Library Extends Reach of Navajo Nation Library

A 2½ hour drive from Window Rock, Arizona, the recently opened branch library in the town of Kayenta gives greatly increased access to books to people living on the Navajo Nation in the northern part of Arizona. It is already popular with the 5,189 people in Kayenta and also draws readers from surrounding towns.
The library is overseen by the Navajo Nation Library and is housed in a converted mobile home. It has been stocked with 5,000 books, the majority of which were supplied by Reader to Reader.
There is still some room on the shelves, and we look forward to sending many more books this July in the latest phase of our ongoing Navajo Nation Library Book Drive.

A special congratulations to Navajo Nation Library director Irving Nelson for all his hard work in setting up the library.

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