Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crafting Your Own Book Through the DiscoverBooks Program

Colored pens, fabric, stickers, blank board books, glue, and colored paper are the ingredients that teen mothers attending Central High School in Springfield, MA, and the Care Center in Holyoke, MA, are using to create their own books to read to their children.

The board book making is part of a seven-session family literacy workshop that is Reader to Reader’s new DiscoverBooks program.

Launched this past fall, DiscoverBooks helps children discover the joy of books at the earliest possible age.

The program goes into schools to help teen mothers learn the family literacy essentials necessary for their children to go to kindergarten with well-developed pre-literacy and early literacy skills. It enables young children to explore the world of books and develop essential pre-reading skills.

In addition to receiving book donations, the mothers and children engage in other activities, such as modeling reading behavior, board book making, letter and number games, and parent and child story creation that add a multi-sensory experience to boost their literacy skills development.

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