Friday, December 23, 2011

A Poem for Reader to Reader

A special thank you to donor Dawn Murry wrote this wonderful poem about us that's perfect for the holidays!

Dear Reader to Reader,
You're really a leader
in matching up kids with a book!

Teen mothers, too,
get a foot up from you
and Chef Bill as they learn how to cook.

With poems invented
and scrapbooks intended
for wee ones these moms hold so dear;

the week is a blur,
word and food is the lure
and you'll do it all over next year!

From down in the basement
you ship out the tomes meant
for anyone needing a read.

Libraries and schools
get books and great tools
to help grow the minds that they feed.

The Navajo Nation
gets more than a ration
of books in a truck twice a year.

All over the globe,
wherever we rove,
the fruits of your labors are clear.

So thanks to you all,
the great and the small,
for all that you are and you do.

Book lovers, unite!
R to R is alright!
Use this gift for some books that are new.

(In honor of my friends, the Mozels)

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