Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Mexico Students Go Back to School With 13,000 New Children's Books

School children attending schools in the Gallup-McKinley County school district in New Mexico got a boost as they went back to school. Reader to Reader has donated 13,000 new children’s books to bolster the resources of area schools from leading authors, including R.L. Stine, Gary Paulsen, Jenny Dale and scientist Stephen Hawking.

The book donation was made possible through the generous support of Scholastic, Inc.’s ClassroomsCare program.

The donation brought an estimated $150,000 in new books for all grades from kindergarten to grade twelve.

“These books are going to schools in one of the poorest district in the country,” notes Reader to Reader executive director, David Mazor. “Most of the students that attend these schools are Navajo and this donation is part of our long-term commitment to boosting the reading level for Native-American students, which is among the nation’s lowest.”

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