Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Costa Rica Library Has New Home

(Reader to Reader's Beyond el Campo project in Costa Rica is hard at work expanding the library they built in the coffee farming village of Santa Cruz. Here is the most recent report)

Espero que toda vaya bien en los Estados Unidos-- I hope that all is going well in the States! Things are going great in Costa Rica. We officially have a new space for the library and the language school for visiting English-speaking college students learning Spanish.

The new building was donated by the Women’s Council in Santa Cruz. The main room is at least twice the size of the previous library and there are two additional rooms attached that will act as classroom space for the language school.

Saturday we began work on the new library space by assembling a new set of shelves, varnishing wood and painting the shelf frames. Monday we will begin painting all of the walls of the new building and I hope to do a small mural. Our language classes will begin on Tuesday and at least the first week will be between 3 and 4 hours a day.

Once the library is painted, we will move all the books over from the old library and create a complete electronic catalog of the books in the library. That way we will better know the type of books the library needs in the future and can prevent repeating copies of books the library already has.

Once the new library is up and running we will be doing some activities out of the new space including reading workshops for mothers, children, and other groups. We will also be focusing our volunteering on a partnership with the local elementary school where we will be doing English classes and nutrition classes.


Mari Crook
Reader to Reader Volunteer

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