Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taking a Bite Out of Literature!

Students at Navajo Pine High School in Navajo, New Mexico, celebrated the completion of their three –month-long reading contest with t-shirts, posters, sweatshirts, and books which were generously provided to Reader To Reader by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. The rewards really spurred interest in the contest which featured Meyer’s popular books, as well as a slew of other vampire literature. The prizes and certificates were given out during Reader To Reader’s annual visit to the school.

Contest winners were:

Kyra Bahe: Grand Prize Winner
Brooke Curtis 9th
Rodson Sandoval 10th
Nikki Johnson 11th

Honorable Mention
Quintana Johnny
Latina Bia
Aaron Catron
Starr Wood
Johnathan Moore
Terrilynne Tso
Ashley Yazzie
Dianne Bryant
Shishonja Nez
Teralyne Begay
Mariah Mariano
Lindsay Brown
Al Cody Yazzie
Jaseanna Bitloy
Aaron Bull Sariah Kee
Lauraine de Guzman Mediavillo

Congratulations to everyone!

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