Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reader To Reader Launches Navajo Nation Library Book Drive

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Navajo Nation Library Book Drive.

The Navajo Nation Library in Window Rock, Arizona, serves the 26,000 square mile Navajo Nation in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. The library has a collection of 75,000 books and 15 computers. Reader To Reader has set a book drive goal to collect 100,000 books and 100 computers.

“I am very excited about our planned joint project,” says Irving Nelson, Program Supervisor for the Navajo Nation Library. “I would like to note that Reader To Reader’s goals to secure 100,000 books and 100 computers are very ambitious and I sincerely believe that it will be accomplished.”

Regarding Reader To Reader’s previous donations he adds, “I would like to note that the qualities of the books you secured for our branch library were excellent and I was so pleased to add them to our branch library collections. The books were definitely a wonderful addition to our branch library.”

“The Navajo Nation Library plays an invaluable role for the children and adults of the Navajo Nation,” says Reader To Reader Executive Director, David Mazor. “There are no book stores in the entire 26,000 square mile area, so the library fills a essential need that would otherwise not be met. We are so pleased to partner with them on an ambitious project to boost their library resources.”

We encourage people to donate books for the library and ask that they use the following guidelines.

1. Books should be in very good or excellent condition. (Books on Native-American subjects will be accepted in any condition).
2. Books on the subject of medicine or health should be no older than 4 years old.
3. CDs and DVDs accepted. No records, VHS or cassette tapes.
4. No magazines.
5. No textbooks.
6. No encyclopedias.
7. Donations of more than 10 boxes of books at a time should first contact us at so we can make storage space arrangements.
8. People interested in donating computers should first contact us at before making the donation. All computer donations must be preapproved.

Books should be shipped to:

Navajo Nation Book Drive
Reader To Reader, Inc.
Cadigan Center – 38 Woodside Ave.
Amherst, MA 01002

For further information contact

Please help us make the Navajo Nation Library Book Drive a success!

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