Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Think the Book is Going to Help Me Talk to My Dog

"Thank you for sending books to our school library. I feel so happy for all the great books, especially the book Extraordinary Girls!”


“Thank you for sending us the book The Chicken because I have chickens but they fight so I wanted to stop the chickens from fighting. I’m happy because my chickens will now be happy.”


“Thank you for sending the books How to talk to Your Dog because I have a dog but I do not know how to talk to it. I think the book is going to help me talk to my dog. Thank you for sending all these nice books!”


Smith Elementary School
Austin, TX

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Chris said...

My son goes to school in Austin and the disparity between library resources within a single school district is shocking. I am glad to see help coming from R2R for all of these schools because I know what a big difference it makes. We helped with donations to one of the other school libraries last year and everyone was so grateful. I am heading off right now to make a donation to R2R to support your work. It is not much, but I feel right now is a time when it is probably needed more than ever. Keep up the great work - you are changing lives.