Friday, January 16, 2009

Reader to Reader gift is appreciated

(Published in the Amherst Bulletin, Jan. 16, 2009)

To the Bulletin: Once again David Mazor and Reader To Reader has found a way to help our school, Navajo Pine High, with a tremendous donation of 30 Dell computers worth at least $45,000. These computers will help our teachers and students master the technology to succeed in this century.

Our school is constantly struggling to supply the basic operational necessities to give students the best educational skills and materials needed to succeed in our complex world. The donation has made it possible to build and equip a computer and film lab. Every student and staff member will benefit from this generous donation.

I would like to thank Reader to Reader for the tens of thousands of dollars worth of books it has sent our school over an eight-year period and congratulate it on the success of its mentoring program.

Reader To Reader offers hope and concrete materials to help teachers make a difference, assuring that "no child is left behind."

Carla Clauschee
Navajo Pine High School
Navajo, N.M.

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