Monday, November 3, 2008

Very Happy Readers

Hi David,

We have very happy Marsh readers!

Thank you to all of your donors!

Sheila O'Gorman
Marsh Elementary School
Chicago, IL

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OGe said...

Hi, just an update on these 3 gentlemen. Two will graduate and be off to high school in just a week. The one on the far right was finally hooked on reading thanks to the Twilight series, although his dad says he has to wait till he is 16 to read the 4th book. Due to his reading enthusiasm, girls are talking to him (other Twilight fans). Wow, who ever thought that a shy guy could get to talk to the ladies by reading? The young man on the far left experiences significant visual learning disabilities, so he depends upon all audio books, but with book in hand, he walks proudly down the hallway, and in class, can answer any comprehension question the teacher asks. The middle guy is just finishing 7th grade. Although not really completing any novels prior to 6th grade, he's tackling his 43rd novel now. And school is getting easier! Interesting, huh?